How to build your brand using PPC advertising – Google & Bing

The most obvious way to use Pay Per Click advertising is to try and make sales. When you publish PPC ads on platforms like Google or Bing, you pay for each click. This means you can calculate exactly how much each visitor is costing you. This allows you to determine if it’s worth spending money on a particular campaign.

In short, number of visitors in any given time-frame divided by money you make in that time-frame will give you income per visitor. This is how much you can afford to spend on a PPC campaign.

The Power of Branding

Except.. is it? Because not every site visitor is going to buy your product or service, the very first time they visit your site. How often do you buy something the very first time you see it?

A much better alternative would be to build your brand and to build trust up, to the point where you can sell a ‘High Ticket Service/ Product’, such as an expensive course or a roof or Dental Implants or Cosmetic surgery and the list goes on. If you can manage to do this, you can make much more per customer over time.
Of course, it’s not an overnight thing. Display ads can play a huge role in warming up completely cold traffic to your brand.

This is called ‘nurture’. When it comes to Google or Bing PPC campaigns, display ads work really well for this purpose. However, it does require a decent budget.

The only reason you need a decent trial budget is that it’s much harder to quantify the value of a brand and to know how much to spend on this kind of advertising. So how do you do it?

Utilize the power of FREE EXPOSURE

Google employees will never advise you to do this but One thing to keep in mind is that you can use a PPC advert to get free exposure if no one clicks on it. Remember? this is PAY PER CLICK. So no clicks would mean no payment. But the best part about this strategy is, just because nobody clicked on your ad doesn’t mean nobody saw your ad. How cool is that?
Eventually they recognize you and some might start following you. Show business is the best business.

This means, if you design a PPC advert with a heading and a description that people are less likely to click, you can actually build a lot more visibility for your brand!

Another thing you can do is to use PPC by carefully researching keywords. Most people choose keywords to try and directly sell the product. Lets take helmets as an example.

Most people will use keywords like ‘buy helmets online’ because ‘Buy helmets online’ or ‘helmets online’ is a keyword people will search if they’re trying to buy helmets.
Depending on your industry, such keywords can be quite expensive. This is why a lot of smaller players stay away from PPC campaigns. But that’s not the right way to look at this game.

So lets try doing it slightly different. Consider making your keyword something that is not sales oriented. For instance: ‘improving VO2 max’. You’re still selling helmets. This is a fantastic way to reach and communicate with the very same audience. Chances are, people who want to increase to increase their VO2 max may very well cycle which means they might need cycle helmets.

PPC ads is all about knowing your ‘WHY’. To put it simply, it means knowing why do you do what you do. What’s the reason your business exists and what you expect to accomplish. If you get this right, you’ve won 80% of the battle. You can find a ton of people who will believe in your brand and want the same thing. Once this is accomplished, you can then find people who will likely become loyal clients and followers.

PRO TIP – Google Search ads are dirt cheap right now compared to what they were in March and all of 2019.

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