LinkedIn, How Small Businesses can use it to grow

Think Business? Think LinkedIn

Your phone and tab might have an app dedicated to Facebook, Instagram or twitter and you probably never thought of downloading LinkedIn.
Turn to your left. Ask Tom and Dick if they have LinkedIn on their phones. They most likely won’t. Harry is probably off somewhere playing Candy Crush as you read this.

90% of the small business owners have also decided to overlook LinkedIn and focus on other social networks. What they fail to realize is that LinkedIn can provide the most lucrative opportunities for business owners and is the most professional social platform small businesses can use today.
Why do we say so? Because it connects professionals with like-minded people.

At Face value, you may not be interested in LinkedIn because unlike Facebook or Twitter, people on LinkedIn don’t post selfies coupled with a million hash tags .
People interacting here do so in a professional setting and for BUSINESS purposes only. So should you join the herd? How to get started?

Lets find out..

Why small businesses need to say yes to the best even if it’s out of comfort zone

If you don’t yet use LinkedIn in your marketing strategy, you’re missing the boat. Business owners are failing terribly by thinking about Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as the only platforms to use in their marketing strategy. Undeniably, these Social giants are the biggest networks worldwide, but LinkedIn has something they all lack.

It allows you to connect with many like-minded professionals that enable you to work with result-oriented people and grow your network exponentially.
Most business owners find that this is easier said than done. Setting up a professional profile seems a Herculean task and instead most choose to post selfies and tweets.

Most small business owners feel LinkedIn is for job hunters and find it time consuming setting up a profile that stands out. In fact, most Small businesses are clueless if LinkedIn even fits in the big picture.
Being on LinkedIn is like being in a candy shop with the knowledge that everything there is free. There are potential clients, business partners and a lot of service providers.

You can recruit talent and services from other individuals. You can use it as a blog, get advice from experts and also use it to get website traffic. Share recommendations, start and join
groups and even become an influnecer with regular value posting.

LinkedIn I’m coming for you!

Setting up an account on LinkedIn is as easy as on Facebook or Twitter. There’s a step by step guide starting from filling in your personal details, addresses, company name, etc. You can choose from 3 different packages: Business, Business Plus and Executive. Each of them is super valuable to you and your company. It just depends where your business stands today.
However, the Executive package provides the best range and costs the most.

Once you join the LinkedIn family, you need to focus on customizing your page. This is where your potential partners, clients and job seekers will get to see’ you. Things like, your profile, creating groups and the like all need to be maximized on. This doesn’t mean you spend hours posting value on LinkedIn.
There are ways to maximize your presence but we’ll keep if for another day. Each of these areas determine how effective your business’ marketing campaign is.

Do not worry about getting it all right the first time. Perfection is a gradual process gradual. LinkedIn has a to-do list that will help you stay organised. Working on LinkedIn is not the same as working on your Facebook or Twitter profiles. Here, every single interaction is business oriented.

The very first one starting right from your profile. Your profile is your business card.

As a Business owner, you need to fill in only relevant info, including your social media accounts, websites or blogs/ Sales funnels if any other important details about your skills or USP’s. Your pet’s or your 2nd cousin’s birthday is not something you include on your profile. 

When you create a company page, LinkedIn has a wizard to help you set it up. Think Merlin, but for LinkedIn.

Begin by filling in basic info about your business like description, employee strength and the particular industry you serve. Keep it short and simple. 
Pro Tip – Take advantage of your SEO knowledge by using relevant keywords. This will help your LinkedIn page rank higher in searches related to your industry.

After the above mentioned step, LinkedIn wizard will prompt you to upload your logo, location(s) and your blog’s RSS feed.
Once these requirements are completed, your page is ready and live.Now.. let the fun begin. LinkedIn’s algorithm analyzes and displays all your info, making you visible in their search engine, in YOUR industry and to potential clients and partners.
This is one of LinkedIn’s unique features.

How can you, a small business, reap rewards from LinkedIn?

A platform where you can post your products and services without worrying about organic reach. Roughly over 20% as opposed to Facebook’s 2 percent.

LinkedIn has a separate tab where you can post your products/ services and share them on other social media networks. 

That’s how you kill two birds with one stone.

Acquire new business partners

Acquiring new clients and partners is a definite thing on LinkedIn. Once your account is up and running, you will be able to connect with more professionals who are interested in your offer.

If you use Sales Navigator, you can choose who you want to connect with.

The Dos and Don’ts of LinkedIn 

There are things that will absolutely help your progress on LinkedIn and there are others that will kill it. The things that help your success include:

  • Answering business related queries. Do it to share your knowledge and not to show off.
  • Joining groups
  • Link your status updates to other social media accounts
  • Write recommendations for others. Great way to grow your audience.

Major NO’s include:

  • Hard selling –
  • Don’t share your cat videos. Leave them for Facebook and focus on intellectual discussions. 
  • Don’t indulge in Political talk as much a possible. People are out there for business not to run for the President.

Using LinkedIn for your business may be the best opportunity for you. There are tons of other benefits too. We’ll list them in a different article.
Note – Just like all other things in life, this social platform needs work.

If you are willing to put in some time and effort into creating a LinkedIn page that stands out, you will have endless growth possibilities. Don’t have time to work on it? Hire a VA. If you have a budget, go for an agency that specializes in this.
Experienced Social Media Consultants are expensive but they’ll help you grow much faster than if you do it yourself

You can automate your Content creation and posting with this awesome software. With this software, you can post your entire month’s Social content on all platforms, in less than an hour.

If you need help setting up your business page or with organic lead generation through LinkedIn, click here.

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