Where Should I Spend My 2020 Online Marketing Budget?

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2020 online marketing must be on your mind already. In less than 45 days it will be 2020. It will be another fresh year for your business whether you met 2019 financial goals or not. If you met your 2019 money goals then you must be focusing on achieving higher targets and if you haven’t then you must be wondering what should be done differently in 2020 to hit the goal.

In either case, everyone must be wondering where to put your hard-earned dollars in 2020 to get the maximum returns on your marketing. In this article, we will focus on some of the known and known but lesser-used online marketing avenues.  We will also see what can be done differently with the known online marketing avenues.

1. Google

When it comes to marketing, Google is still the king. Its reach is almost double than its next two competitors. People looking for solutions, always turn to google. If your business is the solution for their problems then they may find you in their google searches. However, if you are not appearing on page 1 of the google search then you don’t exist. This is especially true for local businesses.
The best way to appear on the first page of Google is to run the paid ads with google. The advantage of running ads with google is that your future customers are already facing the issues that your business can solve and if your business appears as a solution in front of them then you do not have to convince them a lot to take your service.

Disadvantage: Google search is highly effective however your business doesn’t appear in front of people unless they search for it. May not be cost-effective for businesses without a hefty budget.

Google is king

2. Bing (Now Microsoft ads)

Bing is the neglected child when it comes to search engines. Most of us know that bing exists but 7 out of 10 folks still search on google. Bing is owned and operated by Microsoft. It still has a huge search base. If you manage to run your ads with bing then you can easily reach these 3 out of 10 people. The advantage is that not many people are competing for these 3 folks and the bing ads will be way cheaper than google ads.

Disadvantage: As mentioned, bing is the neglected child. The number of searches is less compared to google so the reach will be comparatively less but we still encourage you to give it a try.

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3. Facebook & Instagram

Every person on this planet is on Facebook (and Instagram). That includes your future customers. Facebook is a great medium to market your B2C business. The disadvantage of Google becomes an advantage here (& vice versa). You can appear in front of your future customer even when he is not actively searching for the solution. Your ad may trigger him to take action on his problems which he may be delaying. For e.g. you are a roofing company and your prospect is delaying fixing his roof. Your ad appears on his Newsfeed with some great discount and he decided to fix his roof which he otherwise would have delayed for another 6 months.

Disadvantage: On Facebook, your future customer is not really in the buying mindset, so if he opts for your service you need to follow up with him at the earliest. If you are running ads on both Google and Facebook (and Instagram), you get the best of both worlds, as long as you have the budget to do so.

4. YouTube

If you are not advertising on YouTube then stop everything and get going here. People are a little scared when it comes to creating videos. They feel it is time-consuming and difficult. Either you stand in front of the camera or outsource it but get going. YouTube is backed by Google algorithms and a huge customer base. You can also appear in front of your customers proactively like FB and Instagram. What more? YouTube ads are also comparatively cheaper than google ads.

Disadvantage: Creating videos may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But that’s where Project Media House can help you with their Content Creation Service.

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5. Email Marketing

If you have been collecting emails of your customers and not doing anything with them, you are not realizing how much cash you’re literally setting fire to. Email marketing is the easiest, cheapest and yet very effective way of marketing. Perhaps it’s the oldest way of digital marketing which will still work in 2020. Put those emails to work by sending regular newsletters, offers, refer a friend, contests related to your business. Even 1 person out of 1000 opts for your services, it is still worth it. Email marketing also works as establishing your service as a brand.

Disadvantage: People are so used to ignore emails that unless you write something creative and attention-grabbing, they won’t even open your emails. You can tackle this problem with Project Media House’s email marketing services.

6. Others

Unless you have a boatload of money, don’t even think about this ?, however, stay updated with some new free features that various platforms launch. For e.g., if you are a restaurant owner then you must be knowing about the online ordering feature introduced by Facebook with 0 commissions. It is going to be FREE Forever. You can avoid paying commission to delivery apps in the long term if you get started with this feature.

One thing you should be doing differently in 2020

Perhaps your ads didn’t do as expected in 2019 is because either you stopped them prematurely and you were running boring image ads. It is recommended that you run ads at least for 90 days before they are optimized and start fetching you customers on autopilot. Gone are the days when you could get overnight 10X ROI for $1 spent. It will still happen if you are consistent and persistent.
The attention span of people is reducing. An average person sees over 100 ads per day in various forms. He is sort of immune to watching text and image ads. Now you need to grab his attention by doing video marketing.
So if you ran text and image ads in 2019, move on to videos before your competitor does.


Project media house recommends putting 60% of the budget on video marketing and 40% on text and image marketing. You should be running video ads on Facebook and Instagram. You should have started with YouTube ads in 2019 itself but it is still not late to start. 60% of your ad budget should be spent on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook. 40% of your budget can be spent on google ads and others.
If you’re looking for an agency to help you set up systems that will get you Clients ON DEMAND, Project Media House is your go to agency. We not only create attention-grabbing content for your ads but also help you convert your leads in paying customers.

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